Sul, sul!

Sul, sul simmies! You can call me T – I am the creator behind RAVASHEEN. I started playing sims when it first came out and was on a CD. My siblings and I would take one-hour turns playing on our single computer in the house. I have always loved interior design and even back then would spend most of my time building and decorating my houses.

I am engineer by day and have passion for interior design so creating custom content was a perfect hobby that paired my technical and creative skills. I pride myself on creating objects that not only look pretty, but are functional in game, easy to use and place, and give the end simmer as much customization options as possible. I hope you enjoy!

Some Quick Deets

I currently don’t allow recolors or modifying my meshes. I put a lot of time and effort into creating my content and I like to ensure the quality of what is put out there with my name on it. If you would like a recolor, check out my patreon page! I make recolors for my patreon supporters and once you become a support you will have access to all of the recolors I have done.

I make my content available for free and never intend on selling my creations. I am absolutely against adfly and similar money-making links and will never use them. If you find my creations being hosted on another website through one of these services, please let me know. You can always find my content here and on The Sims Resource without putting your computer at risk. If you want to show me your appreciation, check out my patreon page. I give extra goodies to my supporters there!

I love seeing simmies using my objects in their builds. If you share your build, please use #rvsncc or tag @ravasheencc so I can see your designs!

Polygons are essentially triangles that make up the 3-D structures of an in-game object. Sims 4 is referred to as a ‘low-poly’ game which means it’s objects are kept to a small number of polygons in order to improve performance. Minecraft is an example of a VERY low-poly game. Best practice guidelines for Sims 4 are to keep an object to 1,200 polygons/tile. All of my content is made following this guideline which gives you simmies the best in-game performance!

Each object has multiple levels of detail (LOD). The highest LOD will aesthetically look the best in game. Sims 4 uses the highest LOD for when you are close to an object and as you zoom out, the game will use the lower LOD to improve performance. My highest LODs follow the 1,200 polycount/tile guideline and are reduced for lower LODs.

The majority of my content is basegame compatible which means you don’t need expansion packs to use them. However, I do make some objects that are expansion specific (such as pet objects) and will require a specific expansion pack.

All of my objects are correctly tagged and categorized. I like to put items in multiple categories to make them easier to find. As an example, my ‘Smarter Than You Smart Speaker’ can be found under electronics and clutter. You can also search RVSN in game to search for all of my objects or look for my custom thumbnail.

All of my creations can be found here on my ‘Downloads’ page. The objects have links that will take you to The Sims Resource. I currently host all my content there, but I have it organizing on my page here so you can easily browse and find what you are looking for (ad free!).

When possible, I like to build sets that can be customized such as my ‘Couldn’t Chair Less’ sectional or ‘Work is Desk-picable Desk’. Sets like these are broken down into individual piece parts that become a seamless object when placed next to each other. I make these objects so you don’t need to use bb.moveobjects and are placed easily in game.