Sul, sul!

Sul, sul simmies! You can call me T – I am the creator behind RAVASHEEN. I started playing sims when it first came out and was on a CD. My siblings and I would take one-hour turns playing on our single computer in the house. I have always loved interior design and even back then would spend most of my time building and decorating my houses.

After not playing for years, I started playing again in 2018. My sister moved away and it was fun to text while we played as a way to stay in touch. Before this I had never heard of custom content, but I was ecstatic to find so many new creations. I soon wanted very specific items that I couldn’t find or found that lots of the cc I was downloading was crashing my computer or taking me through sketchy ad websites.

I am engineer by day and have passion for interior design so creating custom content was a perfect hobby that paired my technical and creative skills. I pride myself on creating objects that not only look pretty, but are functional in game, easy to use and place, and give the end simmer as much customization options as possible. The cc downloading community noticed my work and seemed to love what I was creating which has only fueled my love for making more content.

So thank you for all the downloads and sweet comments on my work! It makes it all worth it. At the end of the day I do this for all the simmies and I would love hearing your feedback!