Sul, sul!

The first thing you should know about me, which is obvious if you have followed me on social media for any amount of time, is that I love talking. Like… LOVE it. I couldn’t talk less if I tried. So I present to you my ‘about me” page with all the deets and more than you care to know about.

I started playing sims waaaay back in the day when it came on a CD (that’s a compact disk for all you kids). We were very poor so we got our neighbor to burn us a copy – sorry EA. Me and my three siblings loved playing The Sims. We only had one computer in our house so the four of us would take one-hour turns playing… can you imagine?! True to the type of sims player I am in my heart, from the beginning I was always a builder. I would spend my one-hour turn continuing to build my mansion which I was able to do through excessive use of rosebud. As soon as I was done, I would play for a few sim days then move on to my next build.

I stopped playing The Sims in high school – I was too busy making awesome MySpace profiles for my friends. In my Sims absence, I totally missed out on all that was Sims 3. I didn’t start playing Sims 4 until late 2018 when I was trying to find a way to connect with my older sister who lived far away. She is a completely different type of simmer than me and has played her family for generations. Our playing styles matched perfectly together and I would spend my time building her families new homes, restaurants, or whatever else she wanted. I would keep up to date on her family and help her make crucial life decisions like how should her sim respond to that weird text and where should they go on vacation.

Up until this point, neither of us had ever heard of CC. I stumbled on it one day while browsing the gallery and seeing the custom content option. My mind was blown. I downloaded all the CC much to the dismay of my poor laptop. Somehow I still couldn’t find everything I wanted and thus began my obsession with making CC.

True to my nature, I am rambling at this point (I also deleted over half of what I originally wrote and it is still this long). My point is – I LOVE doing this… everything about it. I love tackling challenging problems, I love being creative, I love makings items that add to the game play, and most importantly – I love interacting with the sims community. I never ended up working for Pixar, but this is even better. You all have made this the most wonderful experience and I couldn’t ask for more. I hope to get better with every set and continue creating till I have carpal tunnel and am an old lady.

Sending you all the love and apologies for ranting.