RAVASHEEN x Panda Sama

Functional Play Kitchen

Many of you tagged me when Panda Sama made animations for a bunk bed and I was super impressed with the quality of her work. I quickly found we are very similar in our ambitions, desire to push boundaries, and create something new. In early July we decided to team up and create a functional kids play kitchen together. It took two of us almost 3 months to make this and included fully custom animations, tuning, and objects. So, finally, we present to you a fully functional, kids play kitchen.

Made For Kids

Usable by both children and toddlers. Each have two interactions: play & pretend cook.

Craftable Outcome

Pretend cook results in a created object: toddlers have random selection of 1 of 5 custom toys and children have a random selection of 1 of 3 edible recipes.

Build Skills

Increases movement skills for toddlers and motor & creativity for children.


The Play Kitchen is base game compatible!

The play kitchen will be early access for patrons only until October 17th and then available for everyone for free! You only need to be a patron of either myself or Panda Sama to have early access to this – you do not need to be a patron to both of us. We really put so much effort into this and hope you enjoy it!

Play Kitchen


Version — 1.0.0

Last Update — September 20, 2020