Mannequin Bug Fix


This override allows you to recover gallery lots with mannequins that cause the game to crash. Please read all the instructions below in the details section for how to use! This is a *temporary* tool and must be used in a certain way.

This is an override of an EA tuning resource. Please see details below for more information.

The Deets

everything you need to know

This unfortunately is not an overall fix for the bug – it is just a temporary tool that allows you to recover lots with mannequins that cause the game to crash when loading into them.

Full disclosure before using this:
  • This overrides all mannequins in the game to make them… not mannequins.
  • This means when you load your lot, all your mannequins will loose their outfits/poses!
  • Please keep this in mind before using this mod. If you want to wait for EA to fix the bug and preserve your mannequin setup then do not use this.

How to use:
  • Place this override in your mods folder & start the game.
  • Find & place the problematic lot in the game
  • The lot should no longer crash the game
  • Once the lot is successfully loaded, delete all the mannequins on the lot and save.
  • Close out of the game
  • Most importantly, remove this override after you have deleted the mannequins from your lot!

Some tips:
  • I have read a lot of different threads and the game crashing seems to be cause by mannequins with premmade outfits and/or too many mannequins on the lot.
  • I looked through the python and XML coding and could not find any concrete number to give you for the limit of mannequins. It seems to be tied to some NPC cap limit, but I can’t say for sure.
  • Players have reported that using less mannequins and/or no pre-made outfits and the lots no longer crashed. So if your heart is set on having mannequins I would suggest doing some trial and error to see at wait point does the lot start causing the game to crash.
  • When you are testing this and your lot starts to crash again, you can then use this tool again to recover the lot.
  • Just make sure to always remove this mod after you have used it, otherwise all mannequins in the game will never work. They will just be sculptures of sims in their undies. But, hey, to each their own!

Live tool demo:

I did cover how to use this tool and demo’d it during my livestream on Jan 9th. You can watch that here (timestamped to start right when I start talking about the mannequins).



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