Shake & Simmy – Customizable Dance Set

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This BGC set comes with everything you need to customize the perfect dance floor for all your sim’s events!

The Deets

everything you need to know

The dance floors are simply frames around the exterior which lets you customize the inside however you want! They come in two styles – wood and metallic – each available in petite (3×3), medium (4×4), and grande (5×5). For ultimate customization, you can also use the invisible dance floor.
No dance floor is complete without music! So this also comes with three speaker styles all of which work rain or shine and are OTG compatible. The wall speakers have a color-customizable stripe of lighting to match your event decor!
Final Notes:
  • Even though the dance floors are frames, you can still click anywhere in the middle to interact with them or move them in BB.
  • The invisible dance floor is invisible in live mode, but will be highlighted when you hover over it making it easy to use!
  • The invisible dance floor sits a tad bit above the ground. I did this so it was visible when you hovered over it – there are no routing or gameplay impacts (plus it’s invisible so…)
  • Everything is base game compatible, but some dance floor interactions are pack-specific.
  • The speakers all were originally BGC items that I modified and added functionality and better use conditions to.

Initial Release – March 13, 2022


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