food & Retail Mods

Shop Chef & Retail Therapy

The retail aspect of the Sims comes with many restrictions which, in my opinion, really limits gameplay. I created the Shop Chef/Retails Therapy mods in hopes of fixing that! All items can be used on any lot, at any time, without the need for NPCs and only requires the base game. Items are given themed functionality to add a level of realism.

There are several different mods each focused on its own category. The idea of this was to split out the various functions so I could update them individually as needed. These sets are kept up to date and the download links will provide the most recent version of each mod.

Realistic Shopping

Adds a level of realism with the ability to purchase consumable items or ingredients from objects.


All objects are stand-alone and don't require an NPC in order to purchase items

No Lot Restrictions

Items can be used on any lot giving you the ability to build retail/living spaces.


Everything is base game compatible and won't conflict with other food mods.


Shop Chef Consumables

This mod is made up of objects that produce consumable – essential food and drinks. You can interact with each object to creates single-serving portions that your sim can consume. Each object spawns a food/beverage that is in theme with the object itself. For example, the chip display allows your sim to purchase a bowl of chips.

Oct. 15, 2020

Shop Chef Buffet

This mod consists of inserts that can be placed in the world similar to sinks – they can go into any countertop and will cutout the area where they sit. Sims can stock the buffet with one of several food themes which creates multi-serve portion dishes. The sim stocking the buffet will pay an upfront cost and then any sim can grab a serving from the buffet.

Oct. 5, 2020

Shop Chef Ingredients

This mod consists allows you to purchase ingredients such as fish, fruit, and vegetables. The objects are themed so the bin filled with fish allows you to purchase fish and the bin with fruit allows you to buy fruit.

Sept. 3, 2020

Retail Therapy

The retail therapy mod comes with a huge variety of objects that allow you to purchase items from. This includes medicine, upgrade parts, books, dyes, fertilizer, crystals, and more. Purchased items are delivered to your sim’s inventory.

Feb. 05, 2021

Sports Retail Therapy

The sports retail therapy mod builds on the original retail therapy mod but is focused on sports and activities. It allows your sims to purchase adventure gear, snow sporting equipment, scuba gear, climbing equipment, and more.

Nov. 24, 2020

Build/Buy Objects


All of the objects are included in a single file for each category which makes updates easier for you and me. Because downloads of individual items are not available, below is an overview on the usage options of the individual items. Each of the objects are similar to regular build/buy objects allowing you to buy and place them on any lots. All items can be found by searching ‘shopchef’, ‘buffet’, ‘retail’, or ‘ingredient’ in game in addition to the ‘Miscellaneous’ category in appliances.

NOTE: Some of the items, such as the 'purchase Produce' items may show debug items in the UI. This is expected. In order to include other creators custom ingredients, the debug items show up as well.

Hover over the images to get more information on each object!