I allow recolors on all of my items! Some of my old TSR uploads state I don’t allow recolors, but I just haven’t updated the descriptions. The only requests I have are:

1) Do not include the mesh and give a link so downloaders can get the original mesh.

2) Do not use spammy links/adfly for your recolors.

3) Please tag me or share it with me so I can reblog it! I am limited to 8 swatches on TSR so recolors give users tons of more options and I like to make sure I share them so more people can use them ? If you are on reddit, please post to my subreddit r/ravasheen so others can download!

I texture all of my work in photoshop so the recolor files are in .psd format. There are many free software programs that are able to open and edit photoshop files such as and GIMP. The photoshop files are typically made up of a few layers including a base color layer, a “multiplier” layer, and a UV layer. The UV layer is for reference only and should not be included in the final texture file. The multiplier layer adds ambient occlusion (AO) effects which is basically shadowing. Generally, you should leave this layer as is. The base color layer(s) is what you will want to modify for recoloring purposes.

I am working on a texture and swatch library! I am hoping to get it finished soon but at the moment I don’t have it available for download. Stay tuned!