Changing Bed Energy Levels

I made the 100 baby challenge impossible. My b. I didn’t know giving beds energy levels of 10 would totally destroy the lives of sim parents everywhere. I’m here to make thinks right and show you how to fix that in just a few steps!

Download Sims 4 Studio

Step 01.

Download Sims 4 Studio. Boot that sucker up and enter a name in the ‘Creator Name’ field.

Click on the ‘My Projects’ button and open the package file of the bed you want to modify.

Download Sims 4 Studio

change energy levels

Step 02.

Head over to the warehouse tab and filter by ‘Type’. Open the top ‘Object Catalog’ and scroll down until you see ‘ObjectTooltipTags’

Click the ‘Edit Items’ button and modify the ‘MotiveEnergy’ to your preference. You can choose from 1 – 10 where 10 ruins the life of your sim parent.

Pro tip: You can also make the bed more comfortable by changing ‘MoodReliefUncomfortable’ to 10 so they are comfy while they sleep all hours of the day. Or give them a shitty bed – your choice.

crush the 100 baby challenge

Step 03.

If the package file is not saved to the mods folder, make sure to move it there.

Delete the old package file if you didn’t overwrite it. If you have two versions in your mod folder Sims will randomly choose which one it wants to use in the game.

Start Sims and WooHoo.