Visible Mesh Fix

No more ugly edges!

Quick, 5 minute fix to get rid of those ugly mesh edges.

WTF Are Those Ugly Edges

I’m here to give you the deets on how to fix a graphics card issue that makes edges in some cc objects *very* visible. It doesn’t affect all objects which can make it seem as if it is a problem is with the cc itself. But relax and don’t delete that cc yet, a quick settings fix will make those ugly lines disappear right before your eyes.

Step 01. Download Nvidia Inspector

◊ Download Nividia Profile Inspector. There is no installer so just copy the folder into your ‘Documents’ folder or similar.

◊ Navigate to the folder and open ‘Nividia Profile Inspector’.

◊ You should end up with a screen that looks like what is shown below. If you don’t, you likely opened ‘Nividia Inspector’. No worries though! Just click on the green icon to the right of ‘Driver Version’ and it should take you to the correct screen.

Step 02. Turn On Anti-Aliasing

◊ In the top menu bar, select ‘Sims 4’ for your profile.

◊ Under the ‘Compatibility’ group, find the ‘Anti-aliasing fix’ and turn that sucker on.

◊ Apply changes.

Step 03. Enjoy Your Pretty CC

◊ Start sims back up.

◊ Decorate your sim’s home with some chic RAVASHEEN custom content.

◊ Game your little simmie heart out.