Patch Update

As (self-proclaimed) modular & slot queen 👑 I have dug deep to find out why chairs and new bunk bed slots aren’t working. Here is everything I know about the broken cc, answers to your bunkbed questions, and new features I found in the code (seriously freaaaaking out). These changes have caused a few issues but also given us a peek at what’s to come! Here is what I have learned so far.

I will update this post as new information becomes available.

Last Updated: March 24, 2021 18:15 UST

hot fix

Chair Slotting Fix

Team work makes the dream work! Along with several other creators we were able to find a solution for the chair slotting issue. Chairs now need to have 32-bit instances. New chair objects can be made by doing a ‘Selective Clone’ and check the ’32 Bit Instances’ box at the bottom. Old CC will likely have to be recloned to be compatible with the new changes. But FYI it might be worth the wait to see if there is a batch fix from EA or CC creating software…

Thanks to Little Dica, Mizore Yukii, SimVerses, and other creators in the Creator Musings and Deaderpool discord channel for helping find the fix!

major updates

Bunk Beds

First – yes I am updating my bunk beds, obvs. But a few things need to be sorted out first. The new patch added big changes in slots including the addition of new custom slots for bunk beds and updates to slot tuning as a whole. There lots of new additions to slots in the form of slot type and slot type sets. These updates can be seen in the resources for bunk beds, single & double beds, desks, couches, desks, etc.

Although the custom slots can be seen in the objects, the tuning has yet to be correctly set up for most of these slots. There are slot type sets and slot types. Essentially the slot type sets create the existence of slots and group them and the slot type actually defines how that slot is used in the game. As of now only two slot types have been added which means many of the items that appear to function under the bunk beds don’t currently work.

slot type sets

  • slotSet_BedBunk_BedToddlerSingle_Parallel
  • slotSet_BedBunk_BedSingle_Parallel
  • slotSet_BedBunk_Bed_SitLoveseat
  • slotSet_BedBunk_Bed_SitLiving
  • slotSet_BedBunk_BedToddlerSingle
  • slotSet_BedBunk_Dresser
  • slotSet_BedBunk_BedDouble
  • slotSet_BedBunk_BedSingle
  • slotSet_BedBunk_BedSingle_PerpendicularE
  • slotSet_BedBunk_BedSingle_PerpendicularW
  • slotSet_BedBunk_BedToddlerSingle_PerpendicularE
  • slotSet_BedBunk_BedToddlerSingle_PerpendicularW
  • slotSet_BunkBed
  • slotSet_BedBunk_Desk

slot types

  • slot_BedBunk_BedToddlerSingle_Parallel
  • slot_BedBunk_BedSingle_Parallel
modular furniture is coming

Major changes were made to the slot tuning to accommodate new bunk bed features. This has caused many CC chairs to cause routing failures when slotted to another object (such as tables, desks, and counters). However, looking at the changes in slot type tuning from the last patch, the description details hint at upcoming modular furniture!


"Examples are slots for chairs (unless we add the ability for sims to place chairs), slots for modular furniture, and deco(rative) slots that are not sim-interactable."

1.71.86 Patch

February 24, 2021

1.72.28 Patch

March 23, 2021

The setting changes from “is_surface” to “implies_owner_object_is_surface” and “implies_slotted_object_has_surface” have major implications for animations and routing. This is likely due to stacked, interactable items.

Like previous Band-Aids, you can add other items under the bunk bed by modifying the bunkbed and item’s footprint, but lets hope for addition slot types from EA soon for a cleaner solution.

Images were taken using the TDESC Browser by Lot 51. It is a super user friendly way to learn more about tuning. Check out the link below to see more!

TDESC Browser

cause you want to know


Of course, obvs!!! It’s getting a texture facelift and all the new bunk bed features. BUT I am going to wait a short time to see if things get fixed cause there are some things to sort out.

At this moment all CC chairs are having routing failures – but only when slotted to something like a table, desk, or counter. Creators put our heads together to solve the problem – team work makes the dream work! Fixes won’t be instantaneous, but there is a path forward.