I create custom content for The Sims community.

My background in engineering and love of interior design is what first sparked my interest in making CC. However, it was the sims community that really has turned this into my passion. Pairing my technical and creative skills with the collaboration of simmers has enabled me to create cc that is chic, unique, and improves the gaming experience.

Style & Function

Integrating gameplay enhancements.

Whether improving the aesthetics of EA objects, adding totally new functionality, or hiding utility in household objects – I love nothing more than improving gameplay for simmies. I also love making cc modular to give simmers the option to customize to their heart’s desire.


RVSN ♡ Simmies

Creating CC together.

Without the input of the sims community I would be lost. Your insight has been invaluable and creating together has made the effort and time it takes to create cc worthwhile.