Jewish Cultural CC

This page is dedicated to sharing Sims 4 CC & mods that grow Jewish cultural representation in the game. Please use this form to add to the list!

I do not practice Judaism so if someone else would like to take over/host this resource I am happy to send over all the information I have collected.

✡︎ Custom content celebrating Judiasm ✡︎


Special thanks to @needleworkreverie who has spent many hours over the past year teaching me about the traditions, meaning and culture of Judiasm.

Diversity Campaign

Two simmers, @HufflePom and @rivkazee, have been spearheading a 300+ day campaign asking for better representation of Jewish and other underrepresented cultures in The Sims 4. You can read more details on their effort from Rivka’s EA Answer HQ post in June 2022.

There are a few ways we can show our support:

  1. Follow @HufflePom & @rivkazee on Twitter
  2. Retweet their daily campaign messages
  3. Sign the petition
  4. Fight anti-Semitism with ADL
  5. Learn about Jewish theology, tradition, & culture
  6. Stand against bigotry and hate