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I think creating CC is such a fun and rewarding hobby, but getting to where I am today did not come easy. We all have to start somewhere and I hope that by sharing what I have learned other artists will be able to skip some of the initial struggles I had. This is a collection of resources I have created specifically for other CC artists – from beginners to advanced, and recolor artists to full mesh creators. Please read my TOU if you have any questions and happy creating simmies!

Cloneable Package File

Bunk Bed Frame Template

This is a package file template you can put in your Sims 4 Studio folder and use as a clone to make your own bunk bed frames. I meticulously rebuilt the package file to correctly remove all the rigs, slots, animations, tuning, and other resources that could cause problems. I added tuning for a sculpture, properly tagged the item, and gave it a footprint that won’t cause any routing errors. This still has all the in-game bunk bed customization features for the ladder and auto-chooses the correct ladder side when placed next to walls.

TOU: You do not need to credit me in your package file, but it would be great if you mention this template if you used it so other creators can use it as well! Make sure to create a clone of this file and not use the template file itself.


For extracting in game previews

Crop It Like It's Hot Backdrops

This set of “full bright” backdrops makes taking in-game screenshots and extracting images so much easier! I use these all. the. time. They don’t cast shadows and can tiled seamlessly which gives you a truly clean backdrop for staging photos. This set comes with three wall versions for each of the wall heights – all of which are 4 tiles wide. There is also a floor version that is 4×4 tiles in size. The backdrops place right up against the floor/wall so your can capture the drop shadows in your previews! They have bright blue thumbnails to make them easy to find and can be easily searched with ‘backdrop’ or ‘screenshot’ in game.


For estimating heights

Beyond Measure Wallpaper

This wallpaper is made up of a colored grid to help you estimate sizes in game. The larger squares are equivalent to 1 tile and is broken up into a 4×4 grid and even further from there. This is useful in so many instances, but especially when looking at an object in game and trying to determine how much it needs to be resized.


for initial object testing

Blank Bump and Spec Maps

When I am first testing an object I always use a blank bump & spec map. This helps isolate problems with the mesh/diffuse/UV map before introducing extra variables. In addition, some objects (for example, posters) don’t require a bump map. In these cases, it is best to use the smallest map to keep the file size small. These are blank bump & spec maps in the smallest image size used by Sims 4.


Seamless MM texture

Eco Living Wood

A set of seamless, tileable maxis-match wood textures. Derived from the Eco Living EP, this set of 7 wood colors coordinates with the furniture from the pack. Includes 7 tileable textures and a photoshop-compatible pattern file. Use a blank bump & spec with this texture.


Seamless MM texture


A set of seamless, tileable maxis-match marble textures. Comes in 3 colors including a base white color that can be used to create many other colors. Use a blank bump & spec with this texture.