A-Bouquet Flower Arrangement Fixer


This adds an interaction to flower arrangements that will instantly change it from skimpy to its fullest & prettiest state! No skills requirements and works on any arrangement – even downloaded from the gallery.

The Deets

everything you need to know

The ‘A-Bouquet Flower Arrangement Fixer’ works similar to the ‘Kiss Of Fresh Decay Modifier’. It is a sign that you place in build/buy mode to enable the new interaction on flower arrangements. Once you go into live mode, the sign will be invisible.

To fixup a flower arrangement, just click on it and choose ‘Make Full (DEBUG)’. Not the prettiest interaction name, but this is already pre-translated for all languages. This will instantly change the flower arrangement to its fullest & prettiest state. It will automatically test what flower arrangement you are wanting to change and apply the correct change.


  • Initial release

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