Counter-Fit Mini Fridges

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These functional mini-fridges can be placed under any counter or on their own!

The Deets

everything you need to know

  • They can be placed in counters just like a dishwasher or on their own.
  • The glass front one is a fully functional fridge and anything slotted inside can be moved after it is placed even behind the glass.
  • To place food as deco in the fridge you must move it in build/buy mode – if you do it in live mode it will go into the fridge inventory.
  • Food items slotted in the glass-front fridge will have its freshness preserved and lets sims grab prepared meals to eat (even toddlers!).


  • Initial Release


  • Someone pointed out that the maids come and put away all the food in the slots which is no good.
  • I updated the tuning to fix this so they will no longer want to put the displayed food away.


There is a known issue where the mini-fridges will disappear when you place into counters if you have auto-counters turned on. The quick fix is to just turn auto-counters off, but I am actively working on a solution and will update this when I figure it out.

sul sul