Ctrl + Alt + Greenscreen


Customizable greenscreen backdrops that let you add any photo or canvas/painting to them for picture perfect photo studios!

The Deets

everything you need to know

The Ctrl + Alt + Greenscreen Custom Backdrops were specifically designed with photo studios in mind! These work similar to the Photographic Memory items by letting you add any photo or canvas/painting to them. Simply click on one of the green screens and choose a photo you want displayed on it! The aspect ratio/scaling will adjust based on the source photo.

The backdrops have some special features that make them ideal for using as photo backgrounds. The main one being these use a special shading feature called ‘full bright’ which lets backdrop coloring remain true to the original photograph. It will not get darker at night, have shadowing, or change due to lighting – whether inside or outside.

This approach does have the disadvantage of being unable to scale using MOO. I did compensate for this by including three sizes that match the small, medium and large wall heights.


  • Initial release

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