Elgato Wave Panels


Elgato’s Wave Panels recreated for The Sims 4! Just like IRL, there are limitless customization options with 2 styles, 2 colors and 12 angle options!

The Deets

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I have once again teamed up with my friends at Elgato to recreate their Wave Panels for The Sims 4! Recreating the IRL features of the Wave Panels, the in-game version give you limitless customization options and can be configured to suit any space. Create multiple constellations, design unique shapes, and easily mix or swap out colors to personalize your setup.

The hexagonal profile comes in two styles, two colors, and 12 angle installations. With custom slotting, these panels will only slot to themselves and let you easily move your custom panel creations as one object. As you place them in build/buy mode, they will randomly change orientation to create a unique design. You can further customize them in live mode by rotating each panel individually.

When you use these in combination with The Sims 4 Elgato Creator Set to create content, the panels will improve the quality of your sim’s produced media.

  • Panels will be placed with a random rotation on build/buy placement.
  • Full customization in live mode.
  • There are two styles which tile seamlessly.
  • Each style comes in black & blue.
  • Custom slotting for flat and pointed top variations.

1.0.0 – September 30, 2022

  • Initial Release



See it In Action

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