Patch v1.105.297

I am working through fixing all my broken mods due to the patch! You can see the current status of all my mods here. I will remove this notification as soon as I have all of them updated! Thanks for hanging in there!

Filthy Fabulous – Part 2


This set is the follow up to Filthy Fabulous Part 1! It comes with over 30 items including items to make your own functional shelter! Please see the details section for a full list of gameplay features.

The Deets

everything you need to know

Please take a moment to read my PSA on this set.

Quick Notes
  • All objects can be found in BB by searching “filthy” or “r2r”
  • All objects are BGC except for the pet items
  • Some interactions on the objects are limited by packs and are specified below
  • Almost all items can be found from dumpster diving (when it made sense). Note that everytime you dumpster dive there are weighted outcomes that choose what category of object you will get. Once a category is chosen, a random object within that category is created. So while my objects are an option to be chosen, it is a small chance that it will be the one you receive. Dumpster diving requires Eco Living.
  • SrslySims made a mod to make some of the items from FF1 craftable with the fabricator and is planning to add items from FF2. Download it here 🙂
•• ━━━━━━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━━━━━━ ••
DIY Shelter 
Tip: Find all shelter objects by searching “shelter”.
Clothing Line Dividers (x3 styles)
  • Function as divider to block areas off
  • Functional dresser
Short & Tall Posts
  • Deco only
  • Can be used for visual building of DIY shelter
Tarp Shelter Covers (square, left, & right triangle styles)
  • Initial placement is close to the ground, move up to the height you desire using bb.moveobjects
  • Placement will not prevent sims from routing
  • Sims will autonomously seek shelter when they are either really hot or really cold*
  • Slowly dries off wet sims*
  • Can direct sim to take shelter when in temperature distress*
  • Within a 4 tile radius, sims’ temperature will start moving back to normal (slower than when in distress)*
  • Invisible shelter option now available!
  • 1 & 2 tile widths
  • Can lock to prevent sims or certain animals from entering
  • You must block off the other entries to the area from the gates to be effective
*The shelter weather protection features only work if you have Seasons EP. The objects themselves are BGC.
•• ━━━━━━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━━━━━━ ••
Deco Items
Flower In A Can
Pizza Box
Kids Homemade Art
Brick Hole Wall Decals
Mouse Trap
  • VFX auto-enabled (mouse running around trap)
  • Enable/disable by clicking on the mousetrap
•• ━━━━━━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━━━━━━ ••
Kids Toys
Cardboard Toy Box
  • Comes restocked with toys from this set & not the nicer toys
Canny The Robot
DIY Mr. Potato Head
•• ━━━━━━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━━━━━━ ••
Pet Items*
Pizza Box Feeder
Pine Coy Toy
*Requires Cats & Dogs
•• ━━━━━━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━━━━━━ ••
Functional Items
Cleaning Spray*
  • Can repair furniture found from dumpster diving*
  • Everytime you repair an object it will cost $1*
  • If there are no objects in the world that need repairing, you will not see an option to repair furniture*
  • If the spray is in the world, sims will put it in their inventory before using. You can then repair objects by clicking on the spray while it is in your sim’s inventory.*
  • It can be placed back in the world as deco anytime.
*Repairing furniture from dumpster diving requires Eco Living EP. If you don’t have this set, it can still be used as clutter.
Bathtub (w/ leaking VFX)
  • OTG compatible
Bus Stop & Matching Bench
  • Travel for a cost of $1
Laundry Basket Dresser
Trash Bag Storage
  • VFX auto-enabled (looks like trash is flying out of it)
  • Enable/disable by clicking on the trashbag
Punching Bag
Broken Mirror
  • BGC
  • Functions similar to fireplace – provides warmth
Portable Radio
  • OTG compatible
  • Weather resistant
  • No power drain
Public Mailbox
  • Custom animations
  • Custom “states” – mailbox looks as if letters are coming out of it when mail is delivered
Used Laptop
  • Poor quality & lowest reliability etc

1.0.0 – May 23, 2022

  • Initial release

1.0.1 – June 8, 2022

  • Added new BGC firepit features (you will only have interactions available for packs installed)
  • New invisible shelter option to use with any setup
  • Added most items to be found in dumpster diving (when it made sense)

1.0.2 – March 2, 2024

  • Fixed group number tuning issue introduced by patch v1.105.297

1.0.3 – March 18, 2024

  • Fixed Sims Data errors introduced when fixing the group number from patch v1.105.297

See it In Action

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