Ink For Yourself Memory Keeper

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This spiral notebook holds personalized entries! It can be used as a diary, journal, wedding guestbook, or any way your simmie heart desires. Click on the notebook to create a new entry where you can customize its icon, moodlet, and view at any time. You can also choose a sim as the author for both the notebook and individual entries. Best of all, it can be passed down to new sim generations to keep the memories and records alive.

Public release: September 25, 2021

This is currently early access and only available to my patrons. Get this set now and many more perks by clicking the early access button and becoming a patron!

The Deets

everything you need to know

Journal Object

  • Used to create & store the journal entries
  • Can be placed in world, sim, & most object inventories
  • All interactions available in world & while in inventory
  • Assign an author to the journal (optional)
    • Choose any sim in the active household
    • Includes toddlers & pets
    • Change author at anytime
    • Adding an author does not limit use restrictions so it can be passed down for generations
  • Add a title and description to the journal  (optional)
    • Good for themed/event-based journals such as a wedding guest book
    • Can be changed at anytime
    • Viewable as a tooltip when hovering over the journal
    • Author info auto-added to tooltip
  • The journal cannot be deleted in BB mode (I did this intentionally do you don’t accidentally delete all those memories)
    • This is intentional to prevent you from accidentally deleting all those journal entries/memories
    • To delete the journal, shift+click in live mode and choose ‘Destroy Object’


Entry Object

  • Create new entries by clicking on the journal and choosing ‘Create Entry’
  • Entries are live-draggable to/from world or journals
  • Choose from 25 icons to represent the memory
    • This icon will be visible while in your sim or journal inventory
  • Add a custom name and description
    • Name field: 140 character limit
    • Description field: 480 character limit
    • Author & mood automatically added to tooltip so save that description space for emotional ramblings!
  • Active sim automatically added as the author
    • Can be changed at any time
    • Can choose any sim in the household including pets and toddlers
  • Journal entries can also be placed in the world
    • When placed in world entries look like paper and have one of 10 visible variations
    • 25 swatches/icons -> 10 in game paper styles (some icons share an in game paper look)
    • Paper style matches icon style
    • Change the icon/paper style in BB mode
    • Can be placed on the wall or corkboards
  • Add moodlets to each journal entry
    • 8 moodlet options (Angry, Confident, Embarrassing, Happy, Inspiring, Romantic, Sad, or Scary)
    • Sims can ‘Recall _____ Memory’ after a moodlet is added
    • Moodlet displayed on tooltip
    • Can be added, changed, or removed at any time

1.0.0 – 09/04/21

  • Initial release


See it In Action

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