Mint To Be Ice Cream Market


The “Mint To Be” ice cream market set is a BGC, fully functional market set that lets you build a functional ice cream parlor!

The Deets

everything you need to know

  • The main feature of this set is a slottable market stall! Place it on ~any~ surface… desks, tables, & counters!
  • In addition to ice cream and cupcakes, you can also get hot snacks like pizza, fries, and hot dogs (you will only see items for packs that you have installed).
  • Vendors wear a BGC, custom uniform when they are operating the stall.
  • I did include the ice cream crepes from Snowy Escape, but not all the ice cream options from Cool Kitchen because they are some of the most painful recipes in the game (next to bouquets from Seasons). Simmies without these packs will still be able to buy cupcakes and most hot snack items.
  • There are left and right sided versions of the slottable stall to fit most setups. You can place it on any surface – even coffee tables – and it will still be functional.
  • This set also comes with several signs to help you decorate your ice cream shop!

1.0.0 – August 17, 2022

  • Initial release


See it In Action

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