No Fig Deal Garden Care System


This is a complete garden care system that is customizable for your sim’s harvestable needs. Build a system to individually maintain fertilization, waters, insects, and weeds.

The Deets

everything you need to know

  • Choose the coverage area by placing garden “tenders” anywhere on your lot – inside or outside! You can add as many as you want to ensure your entire garden is covered, or just a few over your priority crops.
  • The tenders go with all build and gameplay styles because they are only visible in build/buy mode – as soon as you switch to live mode they will disappear but will still maintain the crops in their footprint.
  • All of the tenders are controlled through the main “controller” hub. The controller hub lets you customize the level of plant care you want help with individually.
  • For quick, one time care you can immediately turn the system on which enables all of the “tenders” on a lot. You can also enable automatic care which will run the system daily for continual plant care.
  • Search ‘fig’ to find all the items or look under Decor > Plants or Activities > Outdoor.



See it In Action

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