Peg To Differ Pegboard Series – Base


The best wall organizer might be the one you design yourself. With the ‘Peg To Differ’ home peg board collection, it’s simple to create a system that works for every simmie. Mix and match colors, pick your size, and accessorize with exactly what your simmie needs for a custom look that maximizes storage space. This is the base ‘Peg To Differ’ set which includes 4 pegboard styles, 3 shelves, and a single peg. All of the pegs on the pegboards are fully functional with any item in the ‘Peg To Differ’ series allowing for maximum customization and space reduction. The shelves have tons of decor slots available to clutter as much as your simmie’s heart desires. Additional ‘Peg To Differ’ sets add plenty of accessories to make the ‘Peg To Differ’ series perfect for any space, from a craft room, kitchen or entry way to an office or dorm.

Note: This set was originally posted on The Sims Resource – the download link will redirect you there.

The Deets

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