Patch v1.105.297

I am working through fixing all my broken mods due to the patch! You can see the current status of all my mods here. I will remove this notification as soon as I have all of them updated! Thanks for hanging in there!

Photographic Memory 2.0


The new and improved Photographic Memory 2.0 comes with over 10 new photo objects and a new photo studio hub that lets you improve existing photos and transfer images! The new transfer feature will let you put your photos on any painting or cross stitch. All items are also compatible with the Ink For Yourself Journal and come with improved descriptions and the ability to add moodlets. Make sure to remove and replace the original version!

The Deets

everything you need to know

Main Features

  • This is not an override – it doesn’t modify the in game photos
  • It will not conflict with any mods whether it’s MCCC or a photo mod
  • Your original photos remain untouched and this does not modify them in any way
  • If you delete this mod, your original photos will remain as if you never downloaded this
  • The photo spawners have separate inventories for organizing photos
  • All custom photo objects auto-resize landscape & portrait photos
  • ‘Photo Studio’ center available on custom photo objects and spawners
  • New flash drive photo spawner
  • Compatible with ‘Ink For Yourself Journal’
  • Add moodlets & reminisce
  • Improved description & naming
  • Most interactions available in world & while in inventory

Photo Studio Interactions

  • Create Photo Object
    • Canvas (6 sizes)
    • Polaroid (4 swatches)
    • Calendar (6 swatches)
    • Cross stitch hoops (small, med, large)*
    • Cost: §25
    • Auto-resizing to fit portrait & landscape photos
    • Can be changed at anytime
  • Improve Photo Quality
    • Improve quality of any existing photo
    • Removes fingers, gnomes, & photo blur
  • Transfer Photo, Canvas, or Cross Stitch
    • Choose source & recipient photo/crafted object
    • Add photo to cross stitch & paintings*
  • Create a Sims Portrait
    • Create a portrait of any sim in your family – including cats and dogs!
    • Requires ‘Sims Portrait Maker’ to work

Custom Photo Object Interactions

  • Assign a sim to the photo (optional)
    • Choose any sim that your sim has met
    • Includes toddlers & pets
    • Change stored sim at anytime
    • Adding an sim does not limit use restrictions so it can be passed down for generations
  • Add a title and description to the photo  (optional)
    • Name field: 140 character limit
    • Description field: 480 character limit
    • Sim & mood automatically added to tooltip so save that description space for memory details
  • Add moodlets
    • 8 moodlet options (Angry, Confident, Embarrassing, Happy, Inspiring, Romantic, Sad, or Scary)
    • Sims can ‘Recall _____ Memory’ after a moodlet is added
    • Moodlet displayed on tooltip
    • Can be added, changed, or removed at any time
  • Swatches
    • Swatches are changed in BB mode
    • Calendar – 6 swatches
    • Polaroid – 4 swatches
    • Cross stitch – 9 swatches (see my tips on this here)*

*Note: Cross stitch items require Cottage Living EP.

2.0.1 – September 29, 2021

  • Added Spanish translation (thank you Laura!)
  • Fixed halo effect on photo print tape (shown here)
  • Fixed a rare bug that would get you stuck in the Photo Studio UI – this fix will now make the Photo Studio unavailable if you don’t have any photos/canvases in the world or your sim inventory
  • ‘Rotate Photo’ added to the ‘Customize Print’ menu.
    • Most of the time, my tests should auto resize the photos correctly to maintain the correct aspect ratio on portrait/landscape photos. But in case it doesn’t, you can use this to change it manually
  • Original Photo Print Updates
    • New photo prints were added with the 2.0 version
    • The original ones were not updated because they are set up *very* different than the new ones and I didn’t want to risk changing them and deleting all your previously made photos
    • The old prints are now available to place in BB mode (the thumbnail says ‘Original Photo Print’)
    • When placed in the world, they will show up black – add a photo by clicking on the print and choosing ‘Change Photo’ or by transferring through the photo studio
    • Added improved photo description/naming, ability to add moodlets and sim
    • Photo studio can now be accessed through the old prints
    • The old prints do not have the same resizing feature as the new ones

2.0.2 – October 2, 2021

  • Fixed ? bug placement
  • Added compatibility with Modern Family Portrait

2.0.3 – July 25, 2023

  • Fixed adventure moment tuning error

2.1.0 – September 30, 2023

  • Fixed an error that caused issues when players did not have Cottage Living
  • Add new interaction to create Sims Portrait

2.1.1 – March 1, 2024

  • Fixed group number tuning issue introduced by patch v1.105.297

2.1.2 – March 18, 2024

  • Fixed Sims Data errors introduced when fixing the group number from patch v1.105.297

If you have the mod PBJSims_Functional_Photo_Frame this will not be able to find the photos correctly. This mod doesn’t properly tag photos as photos so the game can’t find them. She has since come out with a new photo override that works correctly and is a huge improvement. If you have this, please delete it and replace it with her new Photo Mod if you want! We worked together to make our two sets cross-compatible.

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