Photographic Memory Photo Spawner


This mod creates a frameless copy of any of your in-game photos. The copied prints can be hung on the wall, corkboards, and my pegboards! To give them a look or realism, they come with either tape or push pins on them. The tape and push pins can be customized at any time from live mode or BB mode.

The Deets

everything you need to know

This is not an override, but a standalone mod. This means it won’t conflict with other mods including photo mods and MCCC etc. Your original photos remain untouched and this does not modify them in any way. If you delete this mod, your original photos will remain as if you never downloaded this

In order to make a copy of the photo, it has to exist. You can either choose photos placed in the world or from your sim’s inventory. The created photo print will go into the inventory of the photo spawner – not your sim’s inventory. The photo spawners have separated inventories so you can use them to categorize the prints too and you can add a title and description to both the photos and the photo spawners!

Initial release.

If you have the mod PBJSims_Functional_Photo_Frame this will not be able to find the photos correctly. This mod doesn’t properly tag photos as photos so the game can’t find them. She has since come out with a new photo override that works correctly and is a huge improvement. If you have this, please delete it and replace it with her new Photo Mod if you want! We worked together to make our two sets cross-compatible.

See it In Action

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