Porto Luminoso Market Cutouts

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This set includes the inaccessible market stalls from the Wedding Stories set! But not only are they just your ordinary market stalls, they are cutouts – just like windows! This allows you to customize the inside and build them up however you want!

The Deets

everything you need to know

  • This does not override ANY market stall!
  • Stalls look good from both sides of the wall
  • Accessories separated from stalls (signs/awnings can be used on their own)
  • Separated signs allow them to always lit up at night
  • Vendors are auto-hired (need to manually hire after 6 PM)
  • Does not include flower stall because it was already available
  • Separated flower sign is included
  • If you put this in a building, you need to add a door for vendors to access the stalls
  • Search ‘Porto’ to find the stalls and signs all in one place

Initial Release – April 4, 2022


See it In Action

sul sul