Potty Talk All-In-One Bathroom


These are essentially rabbit hole bathrooms. You can place them almost anywhere and your sims will be able to use them to relieve their bladder, hygiene, and even woohoo! Useable by all ages.

The Deets

everything you need to know

There are two styles – one for public spaces and one for homes. The retail/venue style one comes in three symbol options for M, F, and all my friends in between! The home one is just the BG toilet paper roll. I didn’t override it because in case some of you wanted to use the original as decor still.

  • Tuck the TP in a 1-tile bathroom and sims will actually still enter the door to use it
  • The wall one looks best placed next to a door to give the illusion sims are actually using the door
  • Added VFX and sounds to add realism
  • Usable by all sims from toddlers to elders
  • Interactions include using the toilet, taking a shower, and woohoo (teens and up)
  • Sims will autonomously use the rabbit holes based on their needs but can also be user directed



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