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I am working through fixing all my broken mods due to the patch! You can see the current status of all my mods here. I will remove this notification as soon as I have all of them updated! Thanks for hanging in there!

Right On Track Toy Train


The toy of a child’s dreams! This toy train set is complete with working wheels and doors! Children love to play with it and it’s also the perfect decor for under a tree!

Note: This set was originally posted on The Sims Resource – the download link will redirect you there.

The Deets

everything you need to know

No specific details here on use, but I did want to share a personal story and where the inspiration for this set came from because it is so special to me! Growing up, we always had a train set around our Christmas tree. Every year we would go to a train shop and pick out a new train car. On Christmas morning there were always coal train cars filled with candy which was the best. We would spend hours sitting by the tree playing with the train set. Me and my brother and sisters would stack the presents over the train to make tunnels.

The train track is on a wooden box my dad built that we have signed every year with our names since he made it in 1995! It was a tradition that was started when my dad was growing up. This next picture is from 1970 on a Christmas morning when my dad was a kid.

Even to this day we get the train board out every year, play with the trains, and sign our names. Of course, without fail the coal trains are always filled to the with candy! Well mostly… some cars he now fills with healthier snacks like nuts lol! After I made this set, I was super excited to show this to my dad. When I showed him a video of it he said he liked it but asked what it was? LOL. He doesn’t understand the sims and it was presh. I hope you enjoy this as much as me!




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