Patch v1.105.297

I am working through fixing all my broken mods due to the patch! You can see the current status of all my mods here. I will remove this notification as soon as I have all of them updated! Thanks for hanging in there!

Saleabration Retail System


The Saleabration Retail System gives you full control of selling, buying, and creating your very own store! Create a store on *any* lot, set *any* object for sale, adjust prices, earn simoleons, and so much more. You can actively manage a store to earn simoleons or set up an un-owned lot for your sim to travel to as they please. Please read the details below for more information!

The Deets

everything you need to know

Set it and forget it!

Once you have set an item for sale, it will forever remain that way until you delete it or choose to set it not for sale. When objects are set for sale, they will never decay/spoil and other interactions are disabled to prevent your maid from putting it away or your sim moving it.

You will never need to restock – objects are copied to your sims inventory after purchase leaving the original object as-is. If you are actively running a store, you will be charged a restocking fee to account for this.


Sell Any Object

You can quickly set items for sale, without being in live mode, using the ‘For Sale Mini Retail Sign’. This sign will automatically set any item on the same surface as sellable. Even if you remove the mini retail sign, the other objects will still remain as sellable.

The Mini Retail Sign is no longer functional and is decor only. However, all craftables can be set for sale just like any other item which is described below.

To set any item that can’t be slotted, you will need to use the ‘Open For Business Controller Sign’ to give your sim the ‘Business Owner’ trait. You can do this by setting up a ‘Unique Retail Business’ (which lets you actively run a store) or by shift+clicking the sign and adding the trait manually (cheating).

Once your sim has this trait, you can enable the option to ‘Mark Items for Sale’ which then lets you click on any item in the world and set it for sale. Again, once it is set for sale it will always remain that way! So your sim can even visit a lot, set items for sale, and leave – anytime after that they can visit the lot and buy any sellable item.



Once an object is initially set for sale, it will be available for purchase at it’s current value. If it is a crafted item, this price will be based on its quality and other factors. Essentially, it is the value you would get if you sold through your sims inventory.

You can also markup or discount the cost of an item by clicking on any sellable item. If you are visiting an un-owned lot with sellable items, you can enable the ability to change its cost by shift-clicking the object and choosing ‘Enable Retail Interactions’. You will be able to modify the cost of sellable items for the duration of your visit.


Sell From Any Lot

If you have Get To Work or other EPs with additional venue types (such as cafes, gyms, retail lots) you can add sellable items to them without affecting their original features. For example, if you have a veterinary clinic you can add pet items, mark them for sale, and then visit the vet for treatment and to buy sellable items.

You can also make a store on your home lot! This is perfect for running a farmers market stand or making a little apartment over a retail store – the sky’s the limit.


Actively running a store

If you want to make running a business your sim’s full time career, you can actively run a store using the ‘Open For Business Controller Sign’. All you need to do is place this sign on your lot and start your business by clicking on the sign. Once you enter a name and description, you will be able to open your business for customers for any length of time – you choose when to close!

Customers will automatically come to your lot and potentially purchase items as long as your store is open. When you decide to close your store, your sim will receive a payout equivalent to the money earned from sales – restocking fees. At the moment, restocking fees are set to 50% but I plan to add the ability to reduce these costs based on skills in the future.

If you accidentally delete the sign it’s no big deal. All you will lose is the name and description you entered.

1.0.0 – 11/17/21

  • Initial release

1.0.1 – 11/19/21

  • Fixed an error where purchased items by your active sim remained in the ‘For Sale’ state, purchased items will now revert to their original state
  • Added Spanish translations (gracias Patricia!)

1.0.2 – 07/29/22

  • The mini table sign caused a 111 error in the game which made games unable to load
  • I have temporarily disabled the function of the mini table sign until I can fix the issue
  • For the meantime, you will not be able to set items like food and drinks for sale until I can resolve the problem
  • All other items remain unaffected

1.0.3 – 11/29/22

  • The mini table sign no longer has any functionality – it is only deco
  • You can now set any crafted item as sellable by clicking on it and choosing ‘Set for Sale’, just like any other item
  • Note: this option is only visible after you open your shop

1.0.4 – March 13, 2024

  • Fixed group number tuning issue introduced by patch v1.105.297

1.0.5 – March 18, 2024

  • Fixed Sims Data errors introduced when fixing the group number from patch v1.105.297


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