Shelf Control Modular System


Modular, slim shelving unit that makes consumable items (food, ingredients) forever fresh & locks out autonomous use by all sims!

The Deets

everything you need to know

At a first look, these are just simple, modular shelves. Sure, they have a small footprint and the textures are completely seamless and match no matter their placement, but lets talk about functionality.
These shelves control any and all items slotted to it. This means:
  • Food/consumables/ingredients will remain forever fresh & never decay
  • Prevents all autonomous interactions by any sim including using items as ingredients or putting them away in the fridge or other inventories


These are the only features outside of aesthetics but they pack a powerful punch. The shelves are perfect for pantries, storing harvestables, and making storefronts! No more rotting food or ingredients going missing!
Again, these preserve freshness/prevent food from spoiling forever as long as they are slotted to the shelves! Not even the fridge or Hoarders Simnonymous items can do this. 


  • Removed tooltip on hover


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