Patch v1.105.297

I am working through fixing all my broken mods due to the patch! You can see the current status of all my mods here. I will remove this notification as soon as I have all of them updated! Thanks for hanging in there!

Skewl Is Kewl


High school decor set with 15 items to help fill your school halls & walls!

The Deets

everything you need to know

This is mostly a decor set with items you can use to fill those endless empty walls on the massive high school lot that came out with the new expansion pack. I separated a few pieces off the market stalls and things like the entrance banners to be their own decoration. I converted the rugs to be wall murals as well as the parking lot chalk decoration. I gave them a bit of transparency so it looks like they have a painted on effect.


I converted the white board to a wall-mounted version and made all the variations as swatches. So these don’t technically function as the white boards in the game, but more for use to decorate. I can make a version that functions as a white board if you all want one, but it won’t have the swatches.


And finally, I made two modified versions of the trophy cabinet. Both have the bottom part removed so it doesn’t have such an art deco vibe. One of them I cleaned up the wood texturing/removed the shadows for the back and on the other I gave it a mirrored backing! Each have over 80 slots to fill with all your school momentos!

1.0.0 – Initial Release – August 2, 2022

1.0.1 – Initial Release – August 2, 2022

  • Add two functional, wall-mounted whiteboards (Requires High School Life EP)


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