Ultimutt Indoor Dog Potty Pads


These are functional, indoor dog potty pads. Perfect for apartments or puppies who can’t make it down the stairs. It comes in three styles with various levels of absorbency! For my cheaters out there, you can also shift+click on this to immediately potty train your pup.

The Deets

everything you need to know

• Different levels of absorbency/uses
• Newspaper (Low/~2 uses)
• Trainer Pads (Moderate/~4 uses)
• Grass (High/~6 uses)

• Usable indoors by dogs of any age
• Can also be used outside, off-grid, and on balconies
• Potty trained dogs will use autonomously as needed
• Untrained dogs can be commanded to use the pads by selecting the pad
• Dogs commanded to use the pad will gain potty training skills
• The pads cannot be used, either autonomously or through commands, if the pads are filthy
• For my cheaters out there, shift+click on the pads to immediately potty train a dog of your choice

• Clean – starting state, no impact on environment or use
• Dirty – can still use the pad, unpleasant environment moodlet
• Filthy – cannot use the pad & will beg to go outside until cleaned, significant & unpleasant environment moodlet, must replace in order for it to be used



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