Help Center

This is a temporary page while I finish building my wiki knowledgebase! There is a form for submitting help tickets at the end of this page,  but this is currently for my tracking purposes only and may not receive a response.


The best place to get (real-time) support on problems with CC is on my Discord server! I actively monitor the channels and have a wonderful crew of admins to quickly help you solve the issue you are having.

Quick Checks

1. Read the notes

Each download and mini-mod has it’s own dedicated page where you can find detailed information including:

  • Version & change log history
  • Known & reported issues
  • Pack requirements
  • How to use the item
  • Usage & gameplay limitations
  • Mod conflicts

2. Double check

Using the download information for reference, check the following:

  • Do you have the latest revision?
  • Do you have the required pack?
  • Is your problem already listed under ‘Known Issues’?

3. Gather information

Put together information for the ticket submission. Take a screenshot/clip of the cc when you encounter the issue. Note the version of the cc you are using and any other relevant information that may be helpful. Grab any last exceptions if they occurred.

submit a ticket
need help?

First, read through the set notes and go through quick checks before submitting a problem.


If you are still having trouble with my CC, the quickest way to get help is through my Discord channel! If you prefer, you can use this form to submit a ticket.


Please provide a detailed description of the issue you are having including a link to a screenshot or video demonstrating the problem (Imgur preferred).


Submissions with little to no information will be resolved at a lower priority.