New & Improved Website!

The day has finally come - the new and substantially improved is here! This was a labor of love taking me months to overhaul to improve your user experience. I hope you love it as much as I do!

I know this may not look like much from the front, but this is countless hours of work. I really have taken all your feedback and listened. I know it was confusing having my downloads in multiple places and my website itself wasn’t super user friendly. I addressed every detail – even small ones like the user who mentioned highlighting words on my site made them white.

I have literally, no exaggeration, been working on this for over four months. I rebuilt the whole thing from scratch with your UX/UI in mind. Here are the key features:



Build Mode

There are tons of other features for the site in the works, but I decided to make the site live without these features so you weren’t waiting another 4 months! Some of these features are fully integrated forms, wiki page, recolors, and more. In the meantime, I have linked to the old forms or built temporary pages. I will post updates as these parts are added to the site!

check out my video overview

I did a live stream giving a detailed overview of all the new features of the site. Check it out below!


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fresh off the press

August Bug Fixes & Updates – 1

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AMA – Gameplay Tech Support

I have seen so many questions on reddit and forums asking questions that I either know the answer to or can easily figure out! I’ll show you my method for figuring this kind of stuff out and troubleshoot live.

sul sul