Sectional & Cubby Update Status

Ok so… if it weren’t for you all and some wine I would be loosing my mind. I spent almost TWO months totally redoing and improving the cubbies and sectionals.


They were beautiful… tons of new features, fixing the deleting with wallpaper change issue, making sectionals work when slotted AND using the sectional object features etc.

Then… the new patch happened. I thought I was loosing my mind because I was 100% positive it was fully working and then all of a sudden stuff started disappearing. Devastation doesnt even begin to describe how I was feeling.


But, the wonderful Asis Lavendar (who is also a moderator on my discord channel, thank you thank you thank you!) sent me a post from the EA forumn and I feel ~validated~.

This issue is now happening with EA modular items too. So good news is that I am not crazy, bad news is that modular stuff seems to have this bug.

For what it is worth, I did find a weird work-around for this… if you place the modular items all at once, as in one BB session, then things don’t seem to delete into household inventory. If you place a modular piece, exit BB mode/reload the game/etc. – any new modular pieces added to the previously placed objects will always get moved to household inventory. 

So this is is why I haven’t released my updates for these sets yet. This deletion bugs negates all the new fancy features I worked so hard on. That being said, the current state of the updates don’t meet my personal standards and I don’t like to release sub-par work.

Until this bug is fixed by EA, these updates are on hold.


I did let the sim gurus know about this on the forumn and by tweeting them directly! Hopefully they saw and fingers crossed they fix it soon!


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