Modern Family Portrait

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These frames are display posed and customizable family portraits! Simply place it in game to auto generate a posed photo of your sim family. Comes in two frame styles and many background options.

The Deets

everything you need to know

  • After placing the frame in game, you can change the outfits and sim poses at any time!
  • Additional outfit categories were added including: Hot Weather, Cold Weather, and Current Outfit
  • You can lock the photo which will maintain the current settings – this is useful for capturing a moment in time like when your sims were kids etc.
  • Background styles can be chosen in build/buy mode through the swatches. However, you cannot change the swatch after it is placed. You will have to place a new object to change the swatch/background.
  • The family can be cloned using my Photographic Memory Mod to create smaller, frameless prints.
  • The six additional backgrounds were submitted by simmies! Below are credits to the photos:
    • Ski Slopes – Lucifer90
    • Canyons – Lulu2764
    • Island – KissaLopa
    • Forest Trail – kristypayne6
    • Colored Backgrounds – losthavoc

April 9, 2021: Added additional backgrounds and outfits.


As Seen on YouTube

I definitely recommend downloading this!
Iron Seagull