Patch v1.105.297

I am working through fixing all my broken mods due to the patch! You can see the current status of all my mods here. I will remove this notification as soon as I have all of them updated! Thanks for hanging in there!

1.90.358 Patch Update

Last Updated: July 29, 2022

These updates were made after the 1.90.358 patch update on July 26, 2022 and release of the High School Years EP on July 28, 2022. Below are the details on known bugs and updated mods. I will update this post as new information is available.

If you are still experiencing problems with my cc due to the new patch/update please report them through Discord. 🖤

Please make sure to delete the old versions and replace with the updated ones!


Saleabration Retail System

  • Updated to be compatible with 1.90.358 patch update
  • The mini table sign caused a 111 error in the game which made games unable to load
  • I have temporarily disabled the function of the mini table sign until I can more robust solution
  • For the meantime, you will not be able to set consumable items like food and drinks for sale
  • All other items in the set remain unaffected and will work as normal

Trash Talk Recycler

  • Updated to be compatible with 1.90.358 patch update
  • Recycler was not recycling items properly and not giving recycling bits/pieces correctly – this has been fixed
  • Tooltip error causing LE has now been fixed

Separated More Choices Streaming Station

  • Updated tuning to be compatible with changes from whims to wants & fears



  • All CC beds are currently broken due to added rigging for pillow fights
  • Updates are on hold – waiting for a batch fix


  • All CC doors cannot be placed without MOO
  • Updates are on hold – waiting for a batch fix


fresh off the press

Happy Llamakkah Release

My public apology and response regarding the issues around the ‘Happy Llamakkah’ release.

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