Marimo giveaway!

I am giving away IRL marimos to some lucky patrons!

When Snowy Escape came out I was so excited to see they had included marimo aquariums in the pack! Before I dipped my toes into making CC for Sims 4, I poured my creativity into making crafting kits that I sold from a mobile trailer and to local boutiques. One of these kits was a little DIY marimo aquarium! I had a few marimo “homes” to choose from but my favorite was a one that looked like a glass light bulb.

I recreated this for the game and added lots of interactions for kids and toddlers that build skills and fill motives. Child sims can even name their marimo pet! But I am also sharing these fun algae balls in another way – I am going to give out IRL marimos to some lucky patrons! After closing up my shop to focus on making CC, I still had a marimos left which have been sitting in my crafting closet just begging to be on display again. I wish I could give them to everybody, but these bad boys are pricey and imported from Japan so I only have the 20 left to give out.



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