March Bug Fixes & Updates

Last Updated: March 22, 2021

A batch of small bug fixes, updates, and fulfilling feature requests. Please make sure to delete the old versions and replace with the updated ones!

Elgato Content Creator Set

  • You can now transfer videos from the streaming drone to the stream deck
  • Sims can now resume unfinished DJ tracks

Filthy Fabulous - Part 1

  • Sims can now ~sleep~ on the mattresses and not just nap
  • The toilet no longer will catch on fire – my b

Into The Void - Voidcritter Gaming Tablet

  • Fixed LE caused by “CollectionThresholdTest”
  • Fixed static data retrieval LE 

Paint of Heart Paper Sketchpad

  • Sims will now put the sketchpad away in their inventory instead of random spots
  • If they do leave it on a lot, it will be registered with lost & found and returned to their inventory


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fresh off the press

March Bug Fixes & Updates

Lots of updates and fixes for you today. Please read the post for the details and links to everything you need to update & replace!

PSA: About Filthy Fabulous

With the release of the “Filthy Fabulous” set I wanted to talk about poverty and homelessness and provide information on resources available.

2022 Stream Schedule

I have seen so many questions on reddit and forums asking questions that I either know the answer to or can easily figure out! I’ll show you my method for figuring this kind of stuff out and troubleshoot live.

sul sul