Filthy Fabulous Updates

Last Updated: June 9, 2022

In the Filthy Fabulous Part 1 – 1.0.2 update I removed toilet fires from happening. I didn’t realize how many of you loved this feature and built into your storylines! So I re-enabled the ability for toilet fires to happen in the 1.0.3 update and made the Freeze Flame set for anyone who doesn’t want their toilets to catch on fire. You can download that set here.

I had the idea to modify the new shelters in the Little Campers kit to include the features of the shelters from Filthy Fabulous Part 2. But I thought a better solution was to make an invisible shelter object you could use with anything! This is the main update to this set along with adding BGC campfire interactions.

Filthy Fabulous - Part 1

  • Added most items to be found in dumpster diving (when it made sense)
  • Lowered prices that were not realistic for DIY items
  • Updated object descriptions to have the ~fancy~ Filthy Fabulous text
  • Re-enabled the ability for the DIY toilet to catch fire (my b for everyone who loved this feature)

Filthy Fabulous - Part 2

  • Added new BGC firepit features (you will only have interactions available for packs installed)
  • Added most items to be found in dumpster diving (when it made sense)
  • New invisible shelter option to use with any setup


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